Projektpartner Türkei / İstiklal İlköğretim Okulu

The school was founded in 1962 and is located in Elazığ in the Eastern Anatolian Region. The NationalMinistry of Education’s Regulations are being applied here along with academic p rogrammes intended to increase student `s key competences and enrich their knowledge. The school not only focuses on academic success, but also aims to foster self- confidence in students by supporting social, artistic and creative endeavours such as drawing, sports, music and drama. The basic aim is toprovide an educational atmosphere open to improvements and also the use of contemporary teaching methods. In order to enrich this atmosphere, we understand the necessity of being open to many different kinds of scientific, cultural exchanges and creative studies in cooperation of European schools. School staff consists of one Principal, one Vice Principal, six kindergarten teachers, thirty class teachers, 29 special subject teachers, one consultant teacher, one officer and three assistants. Altogether there are 91 staff members and 1708 students.
The main aim is to apply an active 'improving reading literacy plan' in close interaction with the local and European partner. Moreover, the school will also have an important role as “sample universe” for testing the methods to raise reading literacy in primary schools. School considers that the most important skill for any child can leaving primary school is the ability to read independently and effectively. The School will apply an improving reading literacy action plan (including different forms of e- learning) in which all the students, teachers and parents will be involved. Visits to libraries will be organized. In this way they will perform peer activities together in order to raise the standards of their own reading habits. The school will also prepare in-school education to the teachers in order to turn them into library coaches/experts. School will also organise seminars and meetings for parents on reading projects. Furthermore, it will take part in: practical activities such as participation of the school representatives in the mobilities to Germany, participation in seminars, training, reader`s conferences. The presentation of lessons and mural-lesson activities, inquiries of the pupils, teachers and parents for the project results is intended. İstiklal school will have an active role in the dissemination process. First introduction of project will be realized with an open meeting.
The inventories and surveys designed by The Guidance and Research Centre will be applied according to age and the reading level of pupils. In this connection an entrance, intermediate and final evaluation will be introduced. Reports will be written on conditions before project, and at the medium term and the standards of pupil`s reading when they leave. Students will have "reading portfolio" in which their activities will be monitored. İstiklal School will serve as a pilot school in which methods to improve reading literacy are implemented.


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Was ist PRL?

Das Projekt "PRL" schlägt eine Brücke zwischen zwei Ländern, nämlich Deutschland und der Türkei. Die Leseförderung und Steigerung der Lesekompetenz der Schüler und Schülerinnen, insbesondere der benachteiligten ( in kognitiver, sozial-ökonomischer kultureller Hinsicht) steht im Mittelpunkt einer innovativen Kooperation lokaler Institutionen.