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Elazig Provincial Directorate of National Education
Elazig Provincial Directorate of National Education is affiliated to the Ministry of National Educationin the Turkish Republic and was established in 1923. It provides general education for the pupils and adults in Elazig. Elazig Provincial Directorate of National Education is responsible for administering education policy, and promotes high quality education service for 121,281 pupils in over 470 preschool centres, primary and secondary schools, special schools, upper secondary schools for adults and vocational institutions. It is carrying out a creative and challenging concept reforming work to assist children to build up the concept of general value and lifelong learning.
It provides different students with suitable classes, teaching and assessment, unites, education resources on the basis of education consensus. The institution wants to participate in international cooperation projects because it wishes to share a common experience in vocational educational activities with European countries. Introducing different cultures, histories, traditions, and vocational methods to our learners is the main purpose of this cooperational project. It is important to create a common cultural, historical experience during this participation.
As Elazig Provincial Directorate of National Education, our role in the project is to coordinate the predetermined activities of the project and participating organizations in our region. We will fulfill the requirements of the partnership and guide all participants. We will carry out the dissemination of activities and monitor them. Our directorate will be responsible for web collaboration among the partners. Training in “digital reading” will also be organized. The management of reading contest in all schools in our province will be carried out by our directorate. The final products and evaluation reports are to be organized accordingly. The application of surveys and evaluation test as well as receiving feedbacks for revision of the institution will also be taken in consideration.


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Was ist PRL?

Das Projekt "PRL" schlägt eine Brücke zwischen zwei Ländern, nämlich Deutschland und der Türkei. Die Leseförderung und Steigerung der Lesekompetenz der Schüler und Schülerinnen, insbesondere der benachteiligten ( in kognitiver, sozial-ökonomischer kultureller Hinsicht) steht im Mittelpunkt einer innovativen Kooperation lokaler Institutionen.